Monday, January 18, 2010

Twitter to Massachusettes on #HCR

 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts currently has universal health care. The replacement of the former senate seat of Ted Kennedy is ironic. From an outside perspective we may think that Massachusetts citizen's  are rejecting the Obama health care reform bill. Actually they are rejecting the unfair cost shifting of Massachusetts money to other states like Nebraska when they are already holding ground on paying for their own citizens. 

Brown is currently leading in the polls

I am a teacher in Pennsylvania, and I can see this. Perhaps, what needs to be done is to assure the people of Massachusetts that they will have no cost increase to their existing health care plan. Here is a report from the Commonwealth Foundation about the reasons for increases in health care.

From Nathan Benfield
Commonwealth Foundation

On average, consumers’ out-of pocket healthcare costs increased 6.7% each year, while national healthcare expenditures increased by an average 9.8% each year. Increases in expenditures by private insurers, Medicaid and Medicare accounted for the majority of this excess cost growth; since 1965 private insurers’ spending has increased by an average 10.8% annually, Medicaid spending has increased by an average 15.4% and Medicare spending has increased by and average 15.6% each year.

The difference between what people are feeling in increased costs and what is actually happening is masking the crisis. The people in Massachusetts are experiencing cost increases and do not want to be a part of a bail out when they are doing the bailing and other states are watching.

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