Monday, December 7, 2009

Twitter’s 3 Rs of # Health Care


Doctors and patients should be given the responsibility to make health care decisions. Patients should think about how much the care costs. Doctors should consider the value in the medicine or procedure. Between the two of them they should make a decision that will be the best solution keeping in mind the cost, the benefit and the quality of life.


Pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from the advertisement of drugs. Advertising could be banned. You will not see many commercials in Canada where health care is nationalized. Pharmaceutical drugs that alleviate symptoms of medical conditions could be taxed if we do not ban them.

Defensive medicine must stop. Lawyers are benefiting from out of court settlements from malpractice suits. Legal advertising could be banned. You will not see lawyers advertising in Canada where health care is nationalized. Lawyers who choose to pursue practices of medical malpractice could take a separate set of bar exams to qualify. They could also pay a surtax to offset the increased cost of medical procedures because of the award.


Technology must be capped at what we can afford. One recommendation would be to create a delay of adopting new health care drugs and procedures. Affordable alternative medicine procedures and medicines could be expanded to help people be more comfortable in tolerating symptoms.

The three Twitter Rs will distribute the cost of health care across the people who are most likely to benefit.

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