Saturday, December 19, 2009

The weakest link of health care reform

The weakest link

The medical professionals are paying for Nelson-Reid health reform compromise currently being debated in the Senate. They will receive a 21% pay cut starting in 2010.

What kind of cuts are insurance companies taking?
What kind of profits will Pharmaceutical companies continue to make?
What kind of fee will lawyers benefit from defensive medical practices?

Unfortunately, the truth is the medical professionals are the weakest link. They have less political clout because they are less in numbers. The truth is that most doctors would not mind taking a 25 % cut if insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies and trial attorneys also took the same cut. True health care reform can not happen without cost containment.

Cost containment can happen in two ways. The groups profiting from health care delivery can take a cut. This is the crux of the Nelson-Reid health care compromise. Unfortunately only the weakest link is taking a cut? Another way to contain costs is to introduce competitive forces. Patients should question the cost of health care treatment and be motivated to seek out more efficient choices. New alternate medical practices that promote comfort as much as cure should be allowed to compete on the open market with traditional forms of health care. Patients and medical professionals should be motivated to deliver and receive health care in the most efficient manner possible.

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