Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winners and losers of in the senate compromise for Health Care Reform


Employees with rich benefit programs, will receive a 40 percent tax on any plan exceeding $8,500 for an individual and $23,000 for a family.

Employers: There is a $750 penalty per worker on employers of 50 or more who are not covered by the federally approved package of health benefits.

U.S. pharmaceutical companies, which have set up overseas subsidiaries in developing markets (like India), will have to pay tax on their earnings earned abroad.

Alternative medicine, could be expanded to provide comfort for symptoms and choice for treatment when traditional medicine fails to give relief.

Health care facilities, will be forced to provide more services for less money.


Trial Attorneys, could be taxed when they make huge profits while the cost of health care continues to escalate from defensive medical practices.

Insurance companies, insurance companies also be taxed for out sourcing their employees? When insurance companies are making profits they should share in the cost.

Working families at 150 % the poverty level without insurance: The most important number in 2011 could be Medicaid’s expansion to include wage earning families making $33,000 a year and individuals making $29,327 per year.

Health care practitioners, helped to write the compromise. When health care practitioners are making bonuses they should share in the cost.

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